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We’re the secret weapon your competitors keep hidden from you.


Biz Dev

Scihire is an organization that invests in and helps small- and medium-size companies grow in the initial stages of their development. For the most part we supply grand strategy and cheap labor. Get help today!


SciHire specializes in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and can get you better workers at better prices than you can get yourself, because we have project managers who speak the native tongues of the workers.

Software & Sites

Of course we can do websites, we made this site after all! What's more interesting is our ability to orchestrate complex-yet-simple software solutions for any problem in any business. We can also do web and mobile apps.

SciHire was chosen because we didn’t want a “cookie cutter” solution and we needed someone who could work with our existing processes. SciHire’s sage counsel, input, and direction was instrumental in obtaining our objectives for sales lead management. They also have led the charge on moving our company forward in many new directions at once. With them as a partner, nothing is impossible!

Dillon Scott

Chief Executive Officer, Imbryo.com

SciHire is the secret weapon of the most powerful people on Earth. How does a little company deploy enterprise grade solutions to every last aspect of their business? SciHire. How do companies outsource with confidence, instead of taking a risk on every new agency or freelancer? SciHire. How do the winners of the world win so often? SciHire.

Do YOU want to be a winner, just like all those competitors at the top of your industry? Choose SciHire and Win Every Time!

We give better service than anybody else. We don’t even make you make an account, because we deal with top-tier clients like yourself on a 1-to-1 basis.

In simple terms, we are the ultimate outsourcing middlemen for every project possible.

Our goal is to capture your company’s entire Outsourcing Spend, simply by being the best.

We actually want 20% of the Global Outsourcing Market, because big goals generate big results!

We’re nothing if not AMBITIOUS!

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Perfect Project Passion

What Do We Believe In?

We believe in victory, pure and simple.

We get some of the smartest people ever born helping out and advising on your projects, even the small ones. We came here to WIN, no matter what!

If you don’t stand for something, You’ll fall for anything.


Expert Execution

SciHire has 3 main branches

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

FOUNDER / Chief Innovation Officer

He refers to himself as a "Cognitively Accelerated Reality Designer", whatever that means! He's insane but in a good way; Mostly.


Alex MacInteer

Alex MacInteer

Chief Technology / Financial Officer

A computer automation prodigy, his task given by Matt is to jump-start technology by 300 years!


Ivan Badnick

Ivan Badnick

Chief Community Officer

A former Russian hacker superstar, he keeps everyone on the same page. He also recruits very good Russian freelancers for us.